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Covering the whole of Manchester with high quality electrical expertise, Fusion Electrical are regarded as the number one choice for undertaking domestic and commercial work. Our time served electricians are highly experienced in delivering a thorough service and are proud to be associated with the leading electrical suppliers in the Manchester area.

With a dedicated team combining a wealth of knowledge and experience in the electrical trade we have been providing electrical solutions for a wide range of clients who personally recommend Fusion Electrical to anyone who are in need of expert craftsmanship conducted in a professional and efficient manner.

Our extensive list of policies means that our electrical installations are conducted efficiently and you benefit from an excellent customer experience.

We also offer installation of LED lighting, these are cost efficient, low maintenance lights that draw less power than your current incandescent bulbs. With a large spectrum of available colours, you can enjoy a multitude of mood setting ambience that bring a fresh new look to any home. LED lighting has also made huge advances in the commercial sector too. Replacing energy guzzling lights for LED replacements has seen the overall utility outgoing decrease rapidly. LEDs are generally brighter and allow specific areas to increase in illumination increasing the workflow of a company. With our expertise, we will tailor the lighting to your specific needs to ensure that the light goes exactly where you need it. Fusion Electrical provides car park LED lighting and factory warehouse LED lighting, plus any other structures that require energy efficient lighting.

We carry out installations in shops, commercial units, restaurants, public houses and much more in the Manchester area which all take advantage of our first class, friendly service. If you are a business owner or homeowner, Fusion Electrical would like to hear from you. We want to provide you with high quality electrical installations and the first class customer service you deserve.

Is your fuse board tripping for no apparent reason?

If your fuse board is tripping it is doing its job by protecting you from potentially dangerous electrical faults in your home. However, if you find that your fuse board is tripping out often, this could be an indication that there is an electrical problem that needs addressing. The likely causes might be a faulty appliance or inadequate wiring. This is when you need to contact Fusion Electrical to resolve this issue. Our fully insured electricians will inspect your electrics and advise you on exactly what the problem is before fixing the issue, normally during the visit.

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